The whole DIJON idea started with the Deli in 1999. There was no place to get small amounts of the imported items everyone wanted, so DIJON became that place. CAFE DIJON arrived in 2001 on a small scale and has grown into a more-than-a-café sort of café. In 2009, we started DIJON BALI CATERING. Today we do retail, some wholesale, café and catering.

We were always about being a homey place, trying to please our customers, and happy customers are what we still focus on. Our corporate philosophy is based on ‘customers first’. We never stop trying to provide personalized service (a bandaid? a panadol and a drink of water? bags carried to the car?). And we never stop trying to provide the best range of quality foods to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

  • Homey Place
  • Delicious
  • Premium Quality