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Our Story

From the good old days of only one deli, there is now one in every neighborhood.

But, we were first and DIJON still plays a major role in our community. Although the options to import food are now limited by government policy, we still make every effort to access the things that our customers want. And the bonus good thing about the lack of imports is that we can now feel free to try our own recipes like DIJON Cranberry Sauce, Fruit Mince Filling, Barbeque Sauce, Homemade dips and Pestos, Pickled Beets, Vegan “Ice Cream”, just to name a few.

Our dream of becoming a food producer is helped big time by necessity!


Product Special Promo

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Granola

Rp 100000

Save your cost 100k for 3 pcs Dijon Granola 750 gr.
Save your cost 100k for 3 pcs Dijon Granola 750 gr.


We provide delivery service to many central areas with only a minimum order required. Long distance customers in Jakarta can also order, pay by transfer and have the goods of their choice shipped to them. We serve clients in Sumbawa mines as well as those in Irian. We are happy to wrap things for you or order dry ice for you.

And then YACHTS- if you are a yacht chef, you have navigated to right where you want to be. DIJON is the perfect place to do all of your provisioning. your order to: We will source for you and deliver in our chiller trucks to your moorage at your convenience. We will be happy to take care of the hassle of provisioning and let you enjoy Bali!

Working Hours : MONDAY - SUNDAY 10.00 - 19.00 (during Central Indonesia Time)

+62361 759636